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GSBE Training and Resource Centre Limited

According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), Hong Kong and many countries have officially entered the "senior society" as the adult aged above 65 is reaching to 14% of overall population. When it reaches 20%, we will becoming "super-aged society". Therefore, various information related to silver-haired or sub-healthy people has also become a topic of concern to us, especially the health aspect. Our body will inevitably suffer from pain after aging, and it is obviously easy to be injured or may have difficulties in daily activities.


Actually, there are ways of delaying such problems for the silver-haired group or sub-health group. One of the possible ways is exercise. Exercise is the key to effectively protect us from injury and sickness, no matter what intensity of exercise that is. In order to get a better quality of life, exercise! However, almost all of the fitness centres and health clubs do not have suitable equipments and facilities for the sub-health, silver-haired group, or the relatively stable post-rehab group to have trainings.


The mission of GSBE COMPANY LTD is "To put the Right Resource to the Right Person". Over the past 10 years, our company provided high technology equipments and supreme medical solutions to allied health therapists in Hospital Authority and Elderly Homes in Hong Kong. In order to solve the problem in discussion, GSBE TRAINING AND RESOURCE CENTRE LIMITED (TRC) is established in 2022, aiming to provide appropriate and safe trainings for silver-haired, sub-health and post rehab group clients.


In TRC, our client can find suitable exercise protocol by SMARC - an Artificial Intelligent Exercise System specially designed for Elderly and sub-health client. We also have Body Composition Analyzer, as well as Postural and Walking Assessment System for providing benchmark data and report to clients, so that they could provide to healthcare professionals in future as reference data before any medical services is provided.

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