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Sarcopenia is a muscle loss symptom, which seriously affects our normal muscle functions and our daily activities. 


Our muscle mass tends to gradually decrease after we are 30 years old. Muscle loss will be getting more serious for females, or when we are after 50. Elderly, especially those having very minimal activities, are likely having sarcopenia unavoidably. 


Sarcopenia can also cause higher risk of fall and pain at joints. This will also cause further loss of muscle mass due to lower body activities. 


It is a dilemma in real life situation. According to research, in order to achieve hypertrophy, which means increase in muscle mass, we need to perform High Loading Exercise (70%~80% of 1RM) or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). However, it is impossible and dangerous for elderly or patients to perform such vigorous exercise. Generally they will receive relatively Lower Intensity Exercises, like pulleys or light weight dumb bells. However, these exercises are impossible to achieve hypertrophy for us. 

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​Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Training

Low intensity Training+ PBFR = Muscle hypertrophy

Muscle mass up = Pain down

5 minutes PBFR training ≈ 5 minutes HIIT

Low-intensity training + PBFR ≈ High-intensity training

Fewer / No Damage of Muscles during PBFR training, which resulted in Rapid Muscle Gain.

What is
Personalized Blood Flow Restriction
(PBFR) Training?

PBFR Training means to perform Light Load Exercise with dynamic control and restrictions of blood flow in/out to muscles. PBFR training can lead to muscle temporary hypoxia, triggering accumulation of lactate, thereby stimulating our body to release growth factors, which is very crucial for muscle hypertrophy. 

Safety of PBFR

  • FDA Approved Medical Device 

  • Widely used by Hospital Authority and Universities, Elderly homes, etc. 

  • Automatic Personalized Blood Flow Index Calculation 

  • Dynamic Index monitoring and adjustment 

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Evidence-based studies

Over 300 related research including Meta-Analysis, showed that PBFR is effective and safe to use for handling sarcopenia.

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Targeted Muscle Training by PBFR with different equipments, to achieve different body parts muscle strengthening,
to improve 
Sarcopenia conditions.



Personalized Blood Flow Restriction (PBFR) system

Physiotherapist training

Sports equipment


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Sports Equipments



Relief pain


​SMARC Functional Exerciser

Improve muscle balance


​STS Functional Exerciser 

Fall prevention



Active and Passive Trainer

Upper limb and lower limb active / passive training, Simple interface, easy to use


Q Health PUL

Active and Passive Trainer

Upper limb and lower limb active / passive training, small space, function of biofeedback training during exercise by android application


Total Gym

Encompass PowerTower®

Over 200 muscle training methods

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